Essay on Casablanc An American Romance / Drama Film

Essay on Casablanc An American Romance / Drama Film

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Casablanca is an American romance/drama film that was created in 1942. This movie was created during World War II to depict many events that were going on at that time. The Germans, who were trying to keep Laszlo in Casablanca, unfortunately in the end Rick allows Ilsa to escape the hand of the Germans with victor therefore leaving the audience with a broken heart.
The film Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) is the perfect example of “Hollywood perfection” in many ways than one. In The Limitless Potentials and the Potential limits of Classical Hollywood Cinema. Polan states “By this double formation, I mean to get at two things: “Casablanca comes closest for many fans to embodying Hollywood cinema in its classic moment insofar as we imagine this classic cinema to encapsulate a certain high level of achievement in escapist environment and storytelling accomplishment.” Polan is trying to show people how Casablanca is the perfect example of this Hollywood perfection by things that occur throughout the movie. This movie may be a classical Hollywood film but lacks the perfect Hollywood end...

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