Cartoons Are The Low Budget / High Audience? Essay

Cartoons Are The Low Budget / High Audience? Essay

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Cartoons are a huge part of today’s society and range from many different types of audiences. Most cartoons are aimed for a younger audience such as children or young pre-teens, however, there are cartoons that are specifically made for older audiences such a teens, young adults and adults. When it comes to cartoons, there are many different types that a person can choose to watch as well. From the array of cartoon genres or styles, a person can easily figure out what suits them. Cartoons usually stick to a certain line of what they want to aim at, such as if they want to follow a horrific story or if they just want to strictly be entertaining by giving off humorous jokes. After years of watching cartoons, there are three that have really caught my attention. From all the genres of cartoons, these are the ones that stand out the most.
The first type of cartoon is the Low Budget/ High Audience. These types of cartoons usually have a poor quality art style that can make every part of a person cringe. Usually the artwork is simple so that way it is easy on the animators and more episodes can be made within a short time period to meet a certain criteria. When it comes to the viewer’s viewpoint, or at least a viewer who despises the show for good reason, the artwork is a pathetic attempt to create something only for money. Just the mere name of the show can cause a shiver of disgust. These types of show usually do not have a story. Each episode usually does not relate to each other and if there so happens to be some sort of story, the story is fails to make any valid points. Even though the show lacks both a quality art style and a plot, these shows usually have a high audience and can be praised for being “creative” and ...

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...g people a chance to choose from a huge list. Each cartoon can give off different feelings and emotions depending on the type. These cartoons, however, are still loved by its viewers no matter what the content. Something will stand out from a certain cartoon to draw a viewer in no matter what age group a person is from. It is possible that the story can be relatable. Maybe it is because the show teaches valuable lessons for the viewer to learn. The most possible factor is it makes the viewer laugh at the shows crude jokes. No matter the genre, there will always be someone who is a fan of any of these types of cartoons. Whether it consists of crazy antics and inappropriate jokes, brings tears to the eyes, or makes absolutely no sense whatsoever no matter how hard a person tries to comprehend it, someone will find something enjoyable about these types of cartoons.

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