Carton 's Life Of Extremes Essay

Carton 's Life Of Extremes Essay

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Carton has a life of extremes. He lives his life full of gloom and then later falls in love with Lucie. He begins to care for her and her family so much that he sacrifices himself for them. Carton’s growth from despising himself to giving up his life for Lucie and her family is amazing. This development occurs because Carton, while in his saddened state, finds his purpose in life which then results in Carton altering his outlook on life. Carton’s changing view of his fate leads him to sacrifice himself.
Carton’s lack of self-care results in him having no faith for his future. Throughout his life, Carton views himself as inferior to the people around him. Carton mumbles, “I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me” (85). To justify this thought to himself, Carton blames fate: “Before Shrewsbury, and at Shrewsbury, and ever since Shrewsbury,… [Stryver] [has] fallen into [his] rank and I have fallen into mine” (90). Carton believes that fate has determined he will be an unworthy man, and he will remain gloomy throughout his life. Carton then concludes that since he is predestined to fail, he will be unable to alter his future. Carton has enclosed himself in the mindset that he is worthless and immutable. With this melancholic future ever impending on him, Carton finds no reason to live: “I have no business to be, at all, that I know of” (141). Carton looks at his life so negatively and morosely that he finds no reason to live. With no hope, Carton would have no opposing feelings or thoughts if he were to die. Carton decides he is stuck with his dreary life and has no hope for the future. These feelings and thoughts then lead Carton to contemplate death.
Carton transforms his outlook on fate when he begins aiding ...

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...e and more. The last words Carton whispers to Lucie show his determination to give her and her family happiness: “A life you love” (341). With his deep devotion and care for Lucie and her family, Carton discovers his worth in life which is to protect that family.
Carton starts his life with melancholy and despair. He views himself lowly and as a result finds no reason to live. Then he meets friends and sees that they have potentials to become successful. Carton discovers that his goal is to help his friends become happy. Then he meets Lucie Manette and develops a strong relationship with both her and her family. With them his goal manifests itself to him and Carton will do anything for this family to be happy. Carton succeeds in his goal for Lucie’s family by sacrificing himself. Carton has a sad life, but he does achieve his goal of bringing his friends happiness.

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