Essay on Carter's Transformation in the Film The Hurricane

Essay on Carter's Transformation in the Film The Hurricane

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In the film "The Hurricane" directed by Norman Jewison, an interesting character was Rubin Carter. Carter is an interesting character because of the changes he goes through throughout his life in prison until he is freed in 1988. Carter is aggressive and angry at first but has developed into a calmer and wiser man when he meets Lesra, a young African-American boy inspired by Carter's story. From the time of his meeting with Lesra to the end of the film, Carter begins to realize the importance of trust and eventually, this is what sets him free.

In the beginning of the film, Carter is angry and aggressive. He holds a grudge against white people as he believes they are the reason he was imprisoned. "Everything I lost, I lost at the hand of white folks." To some extent this is very true. Carter is still furious at being falsely imprisoned for "three times life" for a murder he didn't even commit and believes solely in his innocence, so much in fact that he trained himself to not follow and conform to prison routine. Carter's former glory of being the "welter-weight champion of the wo...

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