Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Essay

Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Essay

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The loneliest People
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter is very deep philosophical story about lonely people. Everyone in this book is lonely as hell and they are looking for who they are. John Singer a deaf man who rents a room from the Kelly family and earns his living as a silver engraver. He is a confidant and comfort to Jake Blount, and Doctor Copeland, John Singer's silent suffering and desolate loneliness are perhaps the most poignant of all. John Singer generously devotes himself to his compulsive deaf best friend, Spiros Antonapoulos. Jake Blount is an itinerant alcoholic vacillating between violent tirades and drunken stupors and he comes to town with a disorganized plan to begin a socialist revolt among the working class. He gets a job as a mechanic at the traveling carnival and often talked about social injustices and Jake Blount is lonely just like John Singer. Doctor Copeland practiced medicine for twenty-five years; he feels his job has frustrated his ambition to change the problems between whites and blacks. In addition, he had an illness with tuberculosis, and his son Willie is in prison being abused. His other child Portia who was his daughter, worked for the Kelly family and Doctor Copeland is just as lonely as Singer and Jake. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter packs a huge emotional hit to the heart, and the powerful feelings.John Singer was one of the people in the book that everybody was drawn to because he is a good listener. John Singer is the centerpiece in this story and it revolves around John Singer. John Singer will help you understand the other people in the book because they all come to talk to him about everything that went on in their lives. But for all the talk about how John Singer is a good listener and ...

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...ia heat. There are heavy hangovers to be slept off, liaisons, wacky mishaps, deaths both accidental and intentional, marital spats and racial tensions. We meet the lovelorn, the war torn, the evangelical, and the righteous. “Each character, in his-or-her-own way, searches for answers about life from the one man in town who can't articulate them. Talking to John Singer is as good as talking to your own ghost or your own God. Behind her words, you can feel McCullers living the kaleidoscopic movements of this town. You can feel her fall in love with her eclectic band of misfits, fashioned after people she knew as sure as she knew her own blood. For all their lonely hearts, you can't help but fall for them too.”(Oprah Winfrey)

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1) McCullers, C.2000. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Boston: Houghon.Miffin

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