Essay on The Carpenter Center Of Visual Art

Essay on The Carpenter Center Of Visual Art

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The Carpenter Center of visual art is a piece of art designed by Le Corbusier, this building was very important to him not only because it was towards his end of career but the only building in North America. The Carpenter Center is one of the main buildings at the Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts; it was designed in 1959 and finished construction in 1963. Le Corbusier was a modern architect, and his design element defined modern in a new way. He had a function that believed to explain how modern is being produced and why to do things in a freely minded way. The relationship between the Carpenter Center and modernism came together as one. Le Corbusier designs this building to express the way he think what modernism is and how other sees it. Being that Le Corbusier is a Modern architect; he puts his techniques into the building that gives it the style of modern. Such as using the “five points of new architecture,” the five points are pilotis, free designing of the plan, free design of the façade, horizontal windows, and roof gardens. He incorporates all this into the Carpenter Center and creates a masterpiece as the end result.
Le Corbusier didn’t want to his building at the Harvard University to look like the same buildings surrounding his; he wanted to design this building to be different. Most of the buildings surrounding his were made with red bricks and respecting the street lines and being rectangular. He wanted to have a building that could stand independently and catch the viewer’s eye from a distance. Each view you look at tells a different story in the design phase, giving each elevation a different look. This five-story building consists on having certain things that Corbusier wanted; pilotis, pans-de-verr...

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...ed, but then went on his own path and did his own thing to show what it meant for him and how he sees modern. Today there are some architects that look up to him and enjoy his method of designing, using his techniques to build buildings now. When I look at some buildings today I see a little of Le Corbusier designs elements in the building, which are the five points of new architecture I think that it’s amazing that were still using his design. The five points of new architecture is a key devolvement in this modern design, and to see that in this building today is just remarkable. Unfortunately he didn’t get to see the end result of the building because of health issues, but I’m sure he was proud to design this building in North America. Having the Carpenter Center building designed here sets a new chapter in the modern industry and implements it in other buildings.

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