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What did Caroline Chisholm do that made her stand out amongst others?

Caroline Chisholm was a kind and intelligent woman who gave dignity to women and immigrant family's who moved from England. Caroline always helped and put others before herself and worked for free. She helped immigrant women and family's find new homes and jobs for each of them. Caroline Chisholm held a strong tradition of Evangelical philanthropy and put all her energy and time into helping support and care for immigrant Australians. 71

Discuss Caroline Chisholm's upbringing and if this impacted on the way she lived her life.

Caroline Chisholm was born in Northampton in 1808, to William Jones, a well to do farmer and his wife. Her parents always encouraged her to care for others, Caroline's parents always offered free accommodation and food for nearby travellers or people in need. Caroline's father died when she was very young and when she was 22 she accepted the marriage proposal from Captain Archibald Chisholm, but only if he agreed to support her in her philanthropy work. 77

Did Caroline Chisholm contribute in anyway to the growth of Australia as a nation? How?

Caroline Chisholm contributed to the growth of Australia by sheltering and finding employment for immigrants from England. Caroline sheltered up to 96 female immigrants and she tried to find homes for 23 immigrant families, but the idea was rejected by the Governor. She helped the homeless girls by opening the 'Female Immigrants Home' and spread out the unemployed around Australia. In the 6 years of her work, she helped 11,000 immigrants find homes in jobs around the New South Wales area. 81

Did Caroline. Chisholm go beyond 'human limits' to achieve her goals?- Did she do more than the averag...

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...olm was inspiration for on of Charles Dickens character Mrs Jellyby in Bleak House. 86

Additional facts about Caroline Chisholm.

Some interesting facts about Caroline Chisholm is that she first met her husband, a Captain Archibald Chisholm at a Ball near her home and he was thirteen years older than she was. Caroline felt that all the work she did for the immigrants in Australia and Madras was in Gods will and some of Caroline's writing was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Caroline and her husband Archibald would have had nine children together, but tragically 3 of the children were stillborn. Caroline and a Archibald Chisholm were nicknamed the Emigrants' Friend, which was also written on their grave stone. 100

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Quote by Caroline Chisholm
"I promise to know neither country nor creed, but to serve all justly and impartially."

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