Essay about Carl Jung's Life and Accomplishments

Essay about Carl Jung's Life and Accomplishments

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Around 1913, Jung began to argue Freud's view that all complexes or dysfunctional patterns of behavior and emotion are created by sexual trauma (Myers, 2008). The relationship between Jung and Freud began to dissipate as Freud couldn't come to terms with Jung's erroneous interest in spiritualism and it's physical counterpart, parapsychology. Jung and Freud's relationship ultimately soured after the publication of Jung's Symbols of Transformation, which dove into the world of mythological symbols (Myers, 2008). In breaking free from Freud and psychoanalysis, Jung incorporated the idea of phenomenal representation to develop the fields of analytical and archetypal psychology (Kirsch, 2000; Schopenhauer, 1999).
Jung's analytical psychology can be divided into two parts: theory and practice. The focus of this prose will be on the former, which pertains to the structure of the psyche and the laws of psychic processes and phenomena and includes his theories of archetypes and the unconscious (Jacobi, 1942; Jung, von Franz, 1964). His practice involved the inclusion of his theory in therapy and consisted of four methods: association method, symptom analysis, anamnestic analysis, and analysis of the unconscious (Jacobi, 1942). The goal of all four of these methods was to reveal the patient's unconscious to themselves as well as the therapist. Jung found that one of the easiest and most effective ways of revealing a patient's unconscious was through the actions of archetypes in the patient's dreams (Jacobi, 1942). However, Carl Jung's idea of archetypes was not an entirely original one. Literature suggests Plato’s Forms, Kant’s Categories, Schopenhauer’s Prototypes, as well as Greek mythology and symbolism heavily influenced Jung.

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