The Caring of Children

The Caring of Children

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The Caring of Children

Do we care about children today? No, people today don’t really care about children because we get
pushed about by adults. Children are also getting abused by adults at

We children go into shops on our own and we get thrown out, or
followed around the shop. The shop owners think that we are going to
steal there goods of the shelves without paying for them. The shop
owners are having to put up more security cameras and prices of there
stock because we are stealing from them. They are putting up the
security cameras to watch where and what we are doing in the shop,
they are even following us to see what we are doing if the cameras
can’t see us, and they act as they are putting up new stock on the
shelves. If we have bags on our back the shop owner will sometimes ask
you to open your bag, so they can see weather you have anything,
showing that they don’t trust us.

Surveys show that one in six children today are getting severely hurt
at home by there parents. Only some parents are admitting to hitting
there children, and who do get hurt by there parents are to afraid to
tell someone about it. Research shows that a few parents put their
children’s heads under water and held it there, others have poured hot
water over them. A few mothers admit to pinching, scratching and
biting there children. Some children’s parents make them wash there
mouths out with salt and/or soap, and if they refuse to eat there
supper they are made to eat mustard sandwiches. In recent surveys it
is showed that mothers are more likely to hit their children than
fathers are, even when the care of the child or children are shared
evenly. Half of children in a survey said it was right for there
parents to smack them and are going to hit there children when they
are adults.

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Some children who have jobs are working illegally in factories. The
children who work in factories don’t get paid fairly, an example of
this is in a carrot factory in England. In this factory there is
children working from the age of ten years old to fourteen years old,
who are getting paid thirty pence [IMAGE]a crate of carrots they fill.
Some of them are getting paid nine pounds for eighteen thousand
carrots. They are working for four hours each night, starting from
three thirty in the afternoon till seven o’clock in the evening. Two
million children are getting used as slave labour each year in
Britain. In the carrot factory the workers are working in terrible
conditions, they are working in a big shed which is run by a parish
councillor, on the floor there is wet carrots that have been dropped
and when the children are walking with the crates they can’t see very
well and may slip. The machines that they work on have very sharp
blades which are slicing the carrots, this is also where the children
are putting their hands to get the carrots out. Their hands are just
millimetres away from the blades and could end in a fatal accident.
Children should only work for two hours on a school day and no later
than seven o’clock in the evening. Since that report mothers and
fathers said that they were not going to send there children back.

Parks are now being designed by architects for younger children
between the age of two to nine years old, children over that age have
no place to go so they hang around the streets. When they hang around
the streets and get into bad habits like drug tacking and smocking at
young ages. Children from the age of ten and above want to explore new
things than be locked in a cage with swings and slides. We want to be
heard and seen by adult but they just ignore us all the time. We
children want a place where we can go to where there is only a couple
of adults. The government have just spent approximately four hundred
million pounds on the new parliament buildings in Edinburgh where they
could have spent some of that on us children. This year it is all
about the play station, micro scooter and gadgets. Children are now
into technology and want to see more of it. If a child had a choice
of either whether to play in a park for an half hour or to play a play
station for an half hour the child would definitely go for the play

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