Caring for Older Adults in our Society Essay

Caring for Older Adults in our Society Essay

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There are changes in the demographic as the population grows older, the number of older adult’s increases and thus, there is an increase of proportion of patients that are older adults for nurses to take care of (Wells, Y., Foreman, P., Gething, L., & Petralia, W., 2004). The nurses are there to assist and support the older adults in achieving wellness within their situation through empowering the clients (Touhy, et al (2012). Caring for older adults is important as there is an increase in population with deteriorating health. When caring for a client it is important to incorporate Jean Watson’s caring theories and Carative Factors to help influence and support the care. She encourages nurses to co-participate within the caring process by establishing unity and trust between the nurse and client. First, this paper will explain a situation in where I cared for an older adult and it will then introduce Jean Watson’s lower order needs, specifically the need for activity and how it relates to the older adult I cared for. Lastly, this paper will explain the nursing interventions I implemented to meet the lower order need, with a discussion of Carative Factor #4 relating to the client.
Patient Description
During my second week at clinical, I cared for a 74 year old female. Mrs. X came to Lake Ridge Health Whitby Hospital due to a right CVA and she was suffering from locked in syndrome. In addition to this Mrs. X’s medical history included, constipation, depression, anxiety, anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, a coccyx wound and dysphasia. Due to the clients diagnosis of locked in syndrome, she was unable to move or communicate verbally because of paralysis of most muscles (Palmieri, 2009). Mrs. X was aware and awake, but was only...

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