Careers of Design: Interior and Fashion Essay

Careers of Design: Interior and Fashion Essay

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Billions of working adults hold positions in order to maintain a source of income for themselves and their families. These adults can fit their jobs into certain categories, such as medical, legal, or labor, and yet there are still many professions that fit into a different type of category: Fine Arts. Fine Arts is an unique category in which two special occupations fall into: a fashion designer and an interior designer.
Fine Arts is a unique category that some adults’ jobs fit into. Fine Arts employs a majority of people who are artistic and are creative. However, not all the employed enjoy the Arts; some of the careers are simplistic and simply follow orders of a creative boss. These jobs do not simply create accessories or vanities for people, these careers create enjoyable objects, experiences, and settings. Life without the workers of the Fine Arts category would lack beautiful places, tasty food, and elegant or practical clothing. However, Fine Arts can be broken down further, into more specific categories that deal with certain aspects of life.
To be divided further, Fine Arts subdivisions include, but are not limited to; workers in fashion, building, food, and photography. Workers in fashion can be divided into even more careers, but the general purpose of a member of the fashion industry is to assist in some part of the creating and designing process of clothing or accessories. Another subdivision is workers who design buildings, interiors, exteriors, or even the landscapes. Yet, the overall mission is the same--to enhance the appearance of a structure to make it appeal more to the human eye. Differing from these two subdivisions is a more essential category, workers of the food industry who can prepare gourmet, BBQ, or...

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