Careers in Human Services Essay

Careers in Human Services Essay

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Human Services Careers involve a large range of jobs that vary in education requirements, job responsibilities, population served, and salary range. 5 human services career options will be discussed. This discussion will show the wide range of positions that are available within the human services field. Basic to specific qualifications, job responsibilities, and hiring outlook will be included to detail each career option.

Careers in Human Services
Career options in the human services field are many and widely vary not only in education requirement, job duties and salary, but also in the populations that are provided with services. In discussing 5 different careers that cross areas and population will demonstrate how varied this career field is, along with how narrow of a focus that these careers can have.
Substance Abuse Counselor
My interest in substance abuse and the recovery process was the reason for choosing this role in the human services field. I would be interested in working with clients with substance abuse, because I have a friend who is an alcoholic and drug addict. My friend and I have talked about her addictions and the struggles she has gone through trying to get clean and maintain her recovery. The challenges of choosing this area of human services would be the fact that a lot of client will relapse and have to start over again. If a person is ordered by a judge to attend substance abuse counseling, the client most likely is not ready or willing to actively participate in the recovery process. These can be the frustrating, but the success of the client in achieving sobriety and success in the other areas of their lives are the rewards of hard work on the side of the client and the ability of the counselor to ...

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