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Careers in Environmental Science Essay

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I choose to research environmental science for my topic. I’ve always enjoyed nature and sciences and found this career very closely related to those interests. I wanted to find a career that involved interest I already had. There are many different sciences; this one was the one that stood out the most to me. I discovered this career after looking into possible career choices in the Air Force. The aspect of this career interested me, and quickly became a consideration for a future career choice. I choose to research environmental science so I would become completely aware of all the parts and aspects of being an environmental scientist and their impact in everyday life.

As an environmental scientist you work both in an office and out in the field. They are expected to analyze environmental problems in the air, water, or soil. Problems that may be found include chemicals, waste, or other harmful substances. They develop plans to prevent or solve any problems that are found while analyzing a site. After this they must form a presentation with data of their discoveries and show them to the business or government group that hired them to insure the safety of a building site. As an environmental scientist businesses will hire you to search one of their sites for any harmful substance that might be found. These harmful substances could be found in the air, water, or soil. If any of these are found building must be delayed to remove these substances. This is a requirement before anything can be built or rebuilt on any land. This allows problems to be prevented in the building structure and keep the people safe when the structure is finally built. If environmental scientist did not go to a building site beforehand there could be many da...

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