Essay about Career Research: Health Information Technician

Essay about Career Research: Health Information Technician

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The role and responsibilities of a Health Information Technician (HIT) also known as a Medical Records Technician include maintaining the medical information system of a healthcare facility in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. Responsibilities include organizing and coding patient records, recording information on patient records, the gathering of statistical and research data, monitoring information to ensure confidentiality and medical coding for billing purposes. Technicians communicate on a regular basis with physicians and other healthcare professionals to obtain information and clarify diagnosis. This is one of the only fields in the healthcare system that you will not have contact with patients. You will work in an office environment and typically work a forty hour week and if in a twenty four hour facility, some nights and weekends. Fourteen percent of technicians work on a part time basis.- See here you might have to say the health bereau of whatever says “fourteen percent of technicians work on a part time basis”.
An associate degree is required to pursue a career as a Health Information Technician. As part of your educational training, some of the classes that will be needed include human anatomy and physiology, medical classification systems, medical terminology, concepts of disease and legal aspects of are required as the job moves toward using computers as its major form of storing information. Two other important training aspects that are required are, experience in supervising other personnel and experience in a health care clinic. This training program is usually offered in community colleges for the length of two years. The two year program is accredi...

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...Overall, this is an interesting career and if someone would like to enter the healthcare field, without doing the on hands patient care, this a good path to follow.

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