The Career, Persona, and Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt Essay

The Career, Persona, and Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most influential people in the early 20th century. His leadership style, his reforms, and his personality shaped an America that was rapidly becoming a world power. Theodore Roosevelt is admirably remembered for his energetic persona, his range of interests and achievements, his leadership of the Progressive Movement, his model of masculinity and his “cowboy” image (). He was a leader of the Republican Party and founder of the short-lived Progressive Party of 1912 (). Before becoming President, he held offices at the municipal, state, and federal level of government (). Roosevelt’s achievements as a naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, and soldier are as much a part of his fame as any office he held as a politician. His legacy lives on as one of greatest leaders in American history.
Born in 1858 in New York City to a wealthy family, Roosevelt was a very privileged child. However, he suffered from severe asthma that tortured him throughout his childhood. As Roosevelt grew older the amounts of these attacks decreased, and later became virt...

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