Essay about Career Paths Of Electronics Engineering Technician

Essay about Career Paths Of Electronics Engineering Technician

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Electronics Engineering Technician
Compared to a robotic technician, electronics engineering technicians have very similar skills that are required for occupations in this field. Critical thinking skills along with reading, writing, speaking, equipment maintenance and selection, and troubleshooting are some of the similarities between the two career paths. Careers in this field have other skill requirements that include time management and instructing others on procedures or equipment. The main difference between the robotics and the electronics field is the types of systems and equipment used for operations. Electronic engineer technicians assemble, test, and maintain circuits from engineers’ prototypes and rough sketches that are not mechanical or robotic related. (Bureau of Labor, 2014). They are responsible to select equipment, document designs/test results, and analyze design requirements for computer and electronicdevices. These types of technicians are also responsible to obey the engineer code of ethics for the safety and well-being to society and the environment. Based off labor statistics from O*Net, from now until 2022 the projected growth trend is 2% with an estimated 14,600 job openings. The graph below compares the growth trend of all three careers, showing electronics engineering technicians have the least estimated growth. The nation’s average annual salary is $59,820 for an electronic engineer technician. (O*Net, 2014b). The lifelong learning opportunities of careers in the electronics engineering field would consist of the ability to produce many ideas, to increase finger flexibility, and the ability to detect a hidden pattern.
Several characteristics of electronic engineering technicians that are important t...

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... me for this career, for example COMM115 teaches search strategies that I can use in this career.
In conclusion, the three careers in the electronics field that I am interesting in pursuing is robotics technology, electronics engineering technology, and computer programming. My advice to other future students is to begin with an outline of each job, separating each question and following that order during researching. While researching, I found it best to finish researching all the aspects of each job before searching the next job because I was able to keep all the information organized. After researching the information of the three careers I have decided the profession of robotics technicians is most likely the job that is suited for me. I am currently taking courses now, meaning my next step will be to find an internship and graduate with an associate’s degree.

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