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Career Path Or College Path Essay

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Every year students graduate from high school and have an option of a career path or college path. This choice is one of the most important decisions an individual will make throughout their whole life. Those who decide to go to college send out transcripts to colleges and universities, hoping to get a great response. And throughout the world universities and colleges choose the best students to admit into their schools, but not every student will go to a school next year.
There will come a time where students start to stumble upon themselves and start to worry about the future ahead and the choices they made for their education. Today many countries including the United States and the United Kingdom give an option of a year off between high school and college called the gap year, to get you off the all the pressure of school and your future. Many people disagree with the gap year program, thinking it gets students off task and makes them unprepared for the following years ahead. While others think this is an opportunity to raise money for tuition, connect with friends and explore the world as well as yourself. Is the gap year a misleading guide for students, or should this program be a requirement for all students?
In grade school, students would have time every summer of the year to relax and have fun until the next year comes ahead. And it seems as if transitioning students from high school into college requires more relaxing because of the huge change to a university or college. According to Emily Driscoll a writer at stated that "Rather than jumping into college after high school, some experts argue that taking time off allows students to explore interests, gain valuable experience and in turn, perfor...

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...ommunities, it shows what the person is capable of in their life. "In high school I applied to social work programs but just wasn 't one hundred percent about it, then after traveling and working during my gap year, I ended up choosing to pursue a degree in International Relations. I would never have entertained this idea without having had time to try something new in my year off" stated Malorie DeBruyne on a post she made on Facebook. As stated in the beginning of the paragraph and by Malorie, it 's a time to learn what you really want to pursue in life and what you want to strive to be.
The gap year is an argument based program, the majority of the crowd agrees with the fact that students can take a year off the travel, explore themselves and simply volunteer while others see that there can be a bad side to the gap year. Is the gap year a right way to for you?

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