Essay on The Career Path Of Nursing

Essay on The Career Path Of Nursing

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Nursing is a demanding, yet rewarding profession. Whether as a floor nurse, a clinic nurse, or a nurse case manager, there is an immediate thought of respect when hearing about a person who takes on this position. However, another thought that immediately comes to mind is that the nurse is a woman. This occupation has been held predominantly by females for more than a century, so it’s a natural assumption. In 1970 only about 2.7 percent of registered nurses were men and as of 2011 that increased to 9 % (U.S. Census Bureau). Men are equally as capable to take on the position of a nurse, but it’s an interesting question to ask why they’ve never committed to the field of nursing as much as women have. With such a high demand for this career, specific efforts or policies to attract them to pursue this career path would be potentially helpful in meeting these strains. In order to come up with any policies, a true understanding as to why males haven’t pursued the career more heavily needs to be evaluated.
Looking back a little closer at the history of nursing, the field of nursing as a profession was made possible by a woman named Florence Nightingale, who had a natural passion for wanting to care for and heal others. In short, she applied her knowledge and skills to help care for the British soldiers serving in the Crimea war who were dying from disease rather than injuries. With her expertise, she was able to decrease the number of deaths of these soldiers. She eventually used money that she was rewarded as a result of her work to open the Nightingale School of Nursing at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London to allow for a place for women receive a proper education for professional nursing (Egenes, n.d. p. 5).
Florence’s school inspired ch...

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...ers. This also ensures that no matter what nursing school men choose to attend, this need of a role model will be met. Same with the nursing school materials. It would be ideal if the materials that were published and used in nursing schools met certain minimum standards of referencing both men and women equally.
All in all, the fact still stands that there is a nursing shortage and it’s still a predominantly female career. If men were drawn into this career at the rate women were, this shortage may or may not still be an concern. Nursing schools, and the career field in general, need to continue to break away from the standard ways that they’re accustomed to. Offering more male role models, changing up the classroom settings, updating the materials are just a few ways to not only hopefully entice more men into nursing schools, but make sure they stick it through.

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