Career Path For Prospective Employees For Organizational Vacancies Essay

Career Path For Prospective Employees For Organizational Vacancies Essay

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Analysis of Career Trajectory

Recruiting, the process of searching for prospective employees for organizational vacancies is a highly competitive field where recruiters innovate the newest and most effective strategies and tools to find quality talent. The career that will be focused on is a Recruitment Manager, which is a position that leads the recruitment process as well as overseeing the Human Resource Recruiters (HR recruiters). The HR recruiter 's role is to identify what resources are needed in the organization, and then the recruitment process begins. A successful recruitment effort will attract a large amount of qualified applicants and not attract unqualified applicants. This objective will save time and money from processing unqualified candidates. The two categories used for recruitment are Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment. Essentially, Recruitment Managers are responsible for the hands-on search and selection activities as well as the implementation of recruitment innovations. In doing so, the Recruitment Managers have to work closely with their clients to understand and fulfill their recruitment and talent needs. This position also includes solving all issues that evolve during hiring for job vacancies and making all managerial decisions.
The Recruitment framework consists of nine steps; Step one: Identifying vacancy and evaluate need, Step two: develop position description, Step three: Develop recruitment plan, Step four: Select search committee, Step five: Post position and implement recruitment plan, Step six: Review applicants and develop short list, Step seven: Conduct interviews, Step eight: Select hire, and Step nine: Finalize recruitment. During the first step, a position needs to be created ...

... middle of paper ... and developing themselves, and constantly challenging themselves (Alder, Matt).

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