Essay on Career Path For A Hotel Resort

Essay on Career Path For A Hotel Resort

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A career is a type of profession that a person or adult goes into after high school. The career position that I find the most interesting is business. There are many types of business ventures like franchise, entrepreneurship and local or Mega adventure ventures.The career path that I would like to go into business outside of the United States. I would like to open a Hotel Resort in the islands in the caribbean,
I would like to go into this type of career path because it is a much easier way to gain profits (Money) and work around your own schedule. By having the resorts many resorts open the recognition of all the stars wanting to stay in my hotels. The strategy would be to gain publicity to both the rich, middle and hard-working class. If multi millionaires go as well the resort could open up to more luxurious parts of the world. The money would not only be the item that names or set the hotel for its name but, our hospitality towards our guests.
In my life there are many goals that I would like to accomplish. One of the main and most important goal that I would like to Finish High School and make my Father and Aunts proud. I would also want to go to college and gain my business license to open my resort. Then. to travel into my Grandmother’s country of Cuba. I would love to stay in the way of life that I live today to show my children that life is not always about the money and all the things you got but what is on the inside that counts, but the only thing that I would change would be to have a house a little much bigger for my entire family like two Aunts and nine cousins and of course my Father and brother.
The career path that I would go into would require many expertise like the st...

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... if you know how to manage the money correctly. A hotel industry has seen a sky rocket since many new adventures are being added to the resorts. As the industry is being punished by not completing with the ideals of what a guest wants to have. With new techniques or attractions are being added to a hotel that all other hotels are beginning to have.
“ Being a small business owner also carries greater responsibilities with many more tasks to handle” (may 2016 Houston Chronicles) is what a local business owner would have to decide. The limited amount of time he or she would have in attending their family. The devotion that would have to be put into the business in order for everything to run smoothly. Not only is the business involve the aspects of treating the guest like a princess or prince. You would have to pay for things out of your own pocket. Costs of local

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