Career Paper: Computer Hardware Engineering

Career Paper: Computer Hardware Engineering

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When children or teens grow up they wonder “What do I want to be when I’m older”? Most teens or children won’t know what they want to do until they are in high school. Sometimes it might even take longer than that. Most high school students will find hidden talents that they didn’t know about themselves which could cause them to do the thing they like to do. Some may like to draw and be good at that, and others that aren’t good at drawing pictures might be good at sports. After they get out of high school or months before they do the teens might know what they want to do. Then they have to get some thought about what college to go to. Some graduates won’t know if they want to go to college until they are an adult and decided to be a teacher or something that interests you. While I already know what I want to do which is to become a computer hardware engineer and go to Purdue which is close to Chicago. I want to be a computer hardware engineer because I’m good with computers and technology. Also I want to do both of them because I like to work with computers and in the future the technology for computers will sky rocket. Most people won’t work with their friends which many people want to do. Some want their friends to go to the same college as them so they wouldn’t be alone. Because many wouldn’t work with their friends; therefore, most of the people that work at their job will have to make new friends.
Computer engineering is a job that is constantly leading to the development of new technology which is alway changing as the years go. by (“Electrical” para. 1). Computer hardware engineers much research, design, develop, and test computer systems (“Computer”... U.S. para. 1). Also they could improve processors, circuit boards, me...

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... have activities like sports to help you get into colleges. If you would do other activities like choir or band for all 4 years in high school you can get scholarships that help pay for you going to colleges. Also you could get a free ride for colleges if you had a sports scholarship.

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