Career Opportunities Within the Medical Assisting Field of Study Essay

Career Opportunities Within the Medical Assisting Field of Study Essay

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Medical assisting course are programs which train individuals on how to work in different medical offices, health centers and also clinics through the supervision from doctors and nurses (Garber & Fuchs 2010). There has been high growth in this field since they can work both in the clinics and the administrative departments. The program involves study and preparation in different careers in health field which are both theoretical ad practical skills. Some of important skills in the medical assisting programs include; patient’s interviewing, understanding medical terms, record keeping, anatomy and physiology, medical insurance, hematology, medications, first aid, CPR and also laboratory testing. While learning, students also are required to gain skills in different health centers, clinics, and nurses’ offices through participating in activities like First Aid assessment, vision & hearing screening, Ht or Wt screenings and having some familiarizing with different medical settings. In addition to the clinical skills the medical assistance also requires some administrative skills which include; good communication skills, scheduling of appointments, billing procedures, record maintenance and also coding. In addition, the medical assistant students have the opportunity to specialize in specific area of interests, for example, one may decide to specialize in eye medicine, and through addition of courses a student can practice to become an ophthalmic medical assistant (Kuehn 2011).
Career opportunities within the Medical assisting field of study
There are many colleges, schools and also technical schools that offer certificates of different careers in medical assistant. An associate degree program requires more...

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...answering all the calls, making appointments and keeping all files safe, updating the patient information and also coordinating the collection of all he operating reports. Apart from expertise, the field also has more job opportunities with an increasing pay scale.
For any student who is interested in understanding the era of technology in medicine, he is advisable to pursue a career related to health care. According to the resent survey made, there will be an increase in jobs which are related to the medical field where by the healthcare will be on the first line the in looking for candidates with high technology in the field. Colleges, institutions and other health care in institutions that offer medical assistant training courses, have involved the modern medical technology in their programs in order for their students to fit the job markets.

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