Career Opportunities From Agricultural Work For Carpet Installing A Fast Food Restaurants

Career Opportunities From Agricultural Work For Carpet Installing A Fast Food Restaurants

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Some people say they have people that have shaped who they are or heard speeches that inspired them. For me it is different, sense I was young I have always had the opportunity to work. This has given me that chance to explore several job opportunities from agricultural work to carpet installing to fast food restaurants, these jobs have helped me find a career that captivates my heart.
When I was a boy I had the opportunity to work with my father. My father is a carpet installer in a town called Lake Chelan and he has been for the past twenty years. When I first went to work with him I never thought much of, I thought it would be an easy way to make money. But little did I know about the houses he worked on. They were always houses that were in construction so they still did not have a yard, the sidewalks on these houses were so new you could see the cement trucks at the end of the street. Every time we walked into these houses we could be able to smell the fresh cut wood along with the scent of fresh paint. What amazed me the most from these houses that he worked on was the views that these houses had. Some of these houses had the view of lake. Usually I would stand with my dad and watch him work, but when it was break time we would stand at the balconies of these houses that still did not have the rails and eat our meals. I considered becoming a carpet installer because I knew that if I became one I would be able to keep being able to see these fascinating views along with the scent of being in a new house everyday with my father.
Once I became the age once all the boys are looking for work I thought about working in agriculture. I began to travel to the cherry orchards looking for work until if found a job working in an or...

... middle of paper ... food business showed me what I wanted to become and that was to be a leader. The owner showed his leadership and persuasion to keep the crew working and pushing them to their limits and rewarding them for a job well done in the end.
Therefore, being a carpet installer may have its beautiful views of the lake with its scents of fresh cut wood, but it had not captured my attention enough for me to want to continue to work there. In the world of agriculture it came with fresh cherries picked right off the trees, but this was not enough for me to pursue this carrier for the future. Working in the fast food business showed me how to be a leader and lead a group of individuals to push themselves to their limit to achieve a goal together. These job opportunities have given me that chance to explore several jobs and have helped me find a career that captivates my heart.

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