The Career Of The Internship At Enterprise Essays

The Career Of The Internship At Enterprise Essays

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Enterprise has been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top five internships for real World experience. The beginning of the internship at Enterprise was about teaching the interns about the qualities and business morals that Enterprise has built. The mission statement is “to be the best transportation service provider in the World, to exceed our customers’ expectations for service, quality and value, to provide our employees with a great place to work and to serve our communities as a committed corporate citizen.” We first learned about the seven steps of business. These steps gave us in depth information on how we should interact with the customer. These seven steps of business can be incorporated within our careers for any industry. Enterprise focuses on each customer and strives to provide excellent service. The cycle is directly linked to our ESQI (Enterprise Service Quality index). The index measures the satisfaction level of our customers and is a vital part to each employee’s growth within the company. When completing the cycles of service it results in a completely satisfied customer.
The seven steps include telephone, pickup, branch arrival, rental contract, to the car, callbacks, return of vehicle, invitation to return, and lastly completely satisfied customer. The telephone is the opportunity to make a positive lasting impression on the customer. It’s important to make your conversation friendly, polite and professional. Focus on clear communication and understand what the customer is expecting. The second step is pick up. The pickup is an opportunity to learn more about the customer and access their needs before you arrive to the branch. This will establish a relationship between you and the customer and ens...

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...first two objectives by implementing the seven steps of service. And I have learned employee development from completing road maps and on the job training. Enterprise believes in team building by encouraging each employee and hands on training. Also I have attained accolades for the month of June I ranked in top five out of 42 interns in sales. I have also won three in store contest for the highest protection packages sold, receiving a total of $75 in gift cards. I received an excellent review from my manager for the course and scholarship recommendation. I am currently part of top ten for the region in sales for the month of July. Also I was acknowledged by the region manager for leading all the interns in sales for the month of July. And I was asked by management if I would be interested in a part time job during the year and full time employment after graduation.

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