The Career Of A Makeup Artist Essay

The Career Of A Makeup Artist Essay

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Starting at the age of 11, there was this young girl who began to get really interested into makeup. Her dad though, did not really like makeup at all so she snuck it on whenever she got to school and made sure she took it off either while she and her brothers walked home or before her dad came to pick her up. This young girl was only in the 6th grade, which is kind of reasonable now that she thinks back on it, but when she was 11 she thought it was the most unfair thing; why stop her from doing something she like that expresses herself and who she am as a person? But as time went on and she got older and understood that it just meant he was scared that she was growing up too quickly. Being a Makeup artist would be rewarding, because a makeup artist helps people who may be insecure in themselves feel better about themselves, or if they are already naturally beautiful the makeup artist can help enhance their features more. The research will describe the career of a makeup artist, what is required to become successful, and the impact this career has on society.
Starting off with the qualifications of this working field, you could either be female or male or whichever gender you may perceive yourself to be, there is no specific gender for this job. There is not a specific age to be able to be a makeup artist, in order to get a job though you do have to be 18 plus. You do have to be physically healthy to be able to work as a makeup artist so you do not get your canvases sick as well and so you can work a lot and do what you enjoy. Your personality is a major key in this work field; you have to be able to communicate with others and work well with others. Being a makeup artist is all about working and interacting with people and if yo...

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...e I am trying to concentrate on something. Also, I do not do well with someone giving me an attitude while I have been nothing but nice to them I would get an attitude back. For my life I want something more conservative yet helpful as a makeup artist at the same time and something that is guaranteed to help me to do well in life rather than waiting for me to get well known to get more amazing jobs then the small jobs, although I would be very thankful for the small jobs. Also, I feel like I could not conform myself to fit other people’s attitudes and what they like. I am an all around person and if they do not like me personally I am not going to change or conform my personality to fit for them. So no, reflecting back on this job field, it would not be something I would aim to do for the rest of my life. This concludes my research paper for becoming a makeup artist.

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