The Career Of A Dance Career Essay

The Career Of A Dance Career Essay

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To be successful in a dance career is a hard thing to accomplish. A person looking to have a career in dance must have experience in dance for many years and be able to take the heat of the competition. A dancer must be able to hold their own and be able to take opportunities when the time is right, not too soon, and certainly not too late (Brady). In the dancing ‘world’ a person must also be able to handle the word “no” in any field of dance that he or she decides to go into; a dancer will be told this word often. Learning of the different occupations that there are inside of dance helps someone looking for a career in dance achieve one even if they do not have the needed skills to become a dancer. Although there are a lot of hardships that are in the dance field, a person who is looking for a career in dance can look into becoming a dancer, a choreographer or a managing director.
Many people who decide to have a career in dance normally choose to become a dancer. People saying that they want to become dancers are using too broad of a career; they must first choose what style of dance they would like succeed in such as tap, jazz, lyrical, street, ballet, musical theatre and so on (Mauro 47). Whichever dance style that the dancer chooses then decides where he or she will begin to work. The work place for dancers can range from studios in California for filming music videos to the extravagant stage of Joyce Theatre (Brady). A dancer on average makes about fourteen dollars an hour when performing or during a scheduled rehearsal (Bureau of Labor Statistics). When a dancer is training he or she will not be paid. A dancer’s work schedule varies on whether their company is on a tour or not and what type of a company he or she is in. ...

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... networks and their education right a person looking for a career in dance is almost certain to find some kind of occupation in dance.
Anyone can have a career in dance; there is a job for everybody. If a person has better musicality and stage presence this person might look into being a dancer. If a person is more creative and has leadership skills this person might look into being a choreographer. If a person is great at supervising a company and managing money this person can look into becoming a managing director for a dance company, whether it be major or local. Whatever career a person decides he or she wants to pursue remember that “hard work and dedication always win out in the end…” (Lee) so never give up. Working on stage or working behind the scenes with or without credit, all of the careers in dance are equally important in carrying out a performance.

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