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Marine Biology is what I would like to study. I want to become a marine biologist because I want to discover new species. I want to go to the 70% of the ocean that has not been discovered. Marine biologists also get to go travel to different places. They not only get to seethings underwater which not many people get to see, but they also get to see places on land which not many people get to see. Marine biologists are also interesting to me because they get to swim for most of their work day. I love the water and swimming. Marine biology is a very interesting and intriguing career to me.
Marine biology is the study of marine life in salt water ecosystems. It can also be described as observing how marine species interact with one another. Certain species of underwater plants can affect the environment in which they are put in. Some branches of marine biology study the affects of said plants. There are many branches of marine biology. Many people tend to study dolphins or sharks, since those are the most known marine animal. Only 30% of the world's oceans have been explored. This means that by being a marine biologists, I can have the chance to explore parts of the world that have never been seen before. Not many people are willing to go through the dark places of the oceans. This is what I want to do, because I would be the first one to see what is hidden behind the veil of darkness.
I would like to be a marine biologist because not much of the ocean has been explored. If I could explore at least 1% of what has not been seen, I would be satisfied. I would like to be a marine biologist so that I can discover new species of marine life. Some marine biologists have found evidence of enormous squids, but have never seen their entir...

... middle of paper ... disadvantages in becoming a marine biologist, but the advantages outweigh them. The education is extensive, but it is definitely worth it. The education and training that is needed is not as much as some occupations, though. Since only 70% of the earth's ocean has been explored. If I become a marine biologist, I may be able to explore that.

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