Career Intervention Program Design Program Essay

Career Intervention Program Design Program Essay

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Career Intervention Program Design
The implementation of career interventions is an important process that helps students to choose the career path that best suits their needs, goals, and desires. Unfortunately, Niles and Harris-Bowlsbey (2013) state that many students are not very enthusiastic about participating in career intervention programs (p.3). It is imperative that schools incorporate career intervention into their comprehensive counseling program because it is an essential component of helping students to be successful. Counselors must also be knowledgeable about the career intervention process and specific methods of career counseling to best meet the needs of all students. According to Akos, Niles, Miller, and Erford (2011), the ASCA identifies the three areas that must be included in a comprehensive counseling program are academic, career, and personal/social (p.203). The career intervention component accounts for a third of the counselor’s responsibilities, thus making it essential that it is promoted within schools. In order to be an effective school counselor, it is important that training is obtained in regards to career intervention throughout the counseling career to continually learn about ways to assist students in choosing their career path. Through this program design, I seek to target students who are trying to determine what career path to choose. This program will assist a specific population of students in meeting the career goals that best suit their personality. Additionally, it also identifies the needs, program objective, and resources needed to incorporate the program. Methods of assessment will be identified that will best meet the individual needs of the target population, ...

... middle of paper ... learn effective ways to lead students to create career goals that will help them to be successful and contented citizens in life.

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