The Career I Looked At An Naval Intelligence Specialist Essay

The Career I Looked At An Naval Intelligence Specialist Essay

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Mae West once said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” The best way to ensure that happens is to pick a career that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Choosing a career that will be the best for you is hard as their are thousands of opportunities. To help you find the best career you should research about areas that you are interested in. This is what I did. The first career I looked at was an Naval Intelligence Specialist. The second was a Biomedical Engineer. And finally I looked into Aerospace Engineering.
The first career, I am interested in is a Naval Intelligence Specialist. This job falls under Government and Public Administration pathway. This is a position in the military that is not well known, because when people think of the military they think of America 's airmen, sailors, and combat soldiers not the people behind the scenes. This is one of those jobs. The US Navy says their job is to. “Collect, process, analyze, organize and disseminate information,” If you were to think of parts of the military as a body, then this would be the brain and your 5 senses by learning new information and sending it through to the rest of your body, Some of the skills that are needed is to be able to operate state of the art computer systems. The day to day jobs of a Naval Intelligence Specialist is spent going through reports and gathering data to report to superior officers, The time required is 3 to 5 years for an enlisted soldier.
To become a Naval Intelligence Specialist you must have graduated from college. Even though you do not need a college degree if you want to advance in rank to become an officer you must have a college degree. Several degrees that would help with this career would be co...

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..., and sick leave, dental insurance, and a retirement plan. One downfall is having to travel to testing sites. Taking high-level math classes and being in robotics is a great start to have in high school. One of the reasons that I like this career is that you can design machines that can change the way people travel.
To review the first career that I looked at was a Naval Intelligence Specialist, the second was a Biomedical Engineer, and last was Aerospace Engineering. They are all promising areas of work. The best way to achieve happiness is that you pick a career that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Choosing a job that will be the best for you is a challenge as their are many opportunities out there. To help you find the best career you should find out as much as possible. As Mae West once said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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