The Career Field Of A Homicide Detective Essay

The Career Field Of A Homicide Detective Essay

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A Homicide Detective is a very important but also has long days, dangerous, and is a stressful job, the reason I choose this career field is because it interest me in certain areas. Mostly because I am nosy and want to know what is going on with the news and why people did things to hurt others in certain cases such as things that goes on in this career field. This career is very important in the criminal justice field because it helps solves murders and identify the suspects in the cases. In this field of being a homicide detective there are many jobs, many places. In this career field as of 2012 there were 780,000 jobs. For the growth in this career field from 2012-2022 it is expected to grow slowly only about 5%. Jobs that are similar to this would be that of a forensic science technician, because they have to deal with the crime lab and crime scene evidence instead of dealing with the people face to face trying to solve the cases.
General duties in the career field of being a detective are you are still a police officer, but you don’t necessarily wear a uniform. You have a job of solving murders and crime scenes and place evidence and DNA with a suspect to help find who did what. Some specific duties of this career is to question witnesses, reconstruct and protect the crime scene and to also find the motive behind the case. While working in this field you don’t have just any normal hours that a regular job or career would have, because murders don 't normally happen during regular business hours. You normally work 40 hours a week with some 24+ hour shifts due to working overtime on a case that came in towards the end of a shift that you are the lead over. Depending on the department you work on, you can also be on call for so...

... middle of paper ... for suspects.
The first advancement in this career field would first be able to be promoted to becoming a homicide detective. After this you will go for more training and to further your education depending on your department you must have a 4 year degree in criminal law. This also means more responsibilities for some to be the lead on a case. After this there are some advancement to be made just to rank higher, but normally not much other than if you want to move to become a forensic technician.
I still plan to study after high school to become a homicide detective and to further my education from the classes I am in now. This career field is a very important part of the criminal justice field and will always be needed, being a serving person, it makes me want to help find who and what happened in these cases and this is the career field I will want to go into.

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