Career Exploration on Becoming a Secondary Mathematics Teacher Essay

Career Exploration on Becoming a Secondary Mathematics Teacher Essay

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Picture this, a young girl wearing her mother’s dress and high heels teaching her dolls, or a young boy running around with a red hat and a garden hose. From an early age, many people dream of what they wish to become when they grow up. A few individuals follow this dream; while others leave it behind as a childhood fancy and proceed to accomplish something completely different. Regardless of whether the career a person chooses was a childhood dream, or one decided on later in life, they should conduct significant research on the career. This will aid in determining whether a career is truly suited for the person. Researching also reveals both the positive and negative aspects of the career. This helps the individual in determining if only the surface of what the career entails is seen, or whether they will detest the job once the duties of the job have begun to be performed. From this research, I desire to choose the career best suited for me by learning the necessary education, duties, salary, disadvantages, and advantages of secondary mathematics teaching.
The education necessary to become a high school math teacher is similar to the education requirements of becoming any high school educator. To teach math, it would be necessary to receive a bachelor’s degree in teaching mathematics. Also, educators are required to obtain a teaching license in whichever state they plan to teach. In order to receive both a teaching license and degree, individuals must practice teaching by student teaching. After a teacher receives their license, they must take classes to keep their teaching license current. The credits from these classes also help teachers to advance upward on the salary program. In addition to completing t...

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