Career Development Assignment : The Neck And Competitive Working Environment

Career Development Assignment : The Neck And Competitive Working Environment

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Career Development Assignment
In order to excel in today’s neck-to-neck competitive working environment, it is very important that one adapts to a more active approach instead of a passive approach when it comes to career development. Additionally, with the growing social networking sites such as LinkedIn or the increasing popularity of job search websites such as,, and, has led to a greater need to be more proactive in terms of career enhancement. Unlike old days when jobs were more secured and provided less fluidity of moving literally in their designated departments, these days workers face a more dynamic working environment. Furthermore, in our current information based era, almost every job opportunity comes with a potential expiration date that requires ones to incorporate certain successful traits, such as updating current resume, cover letters, or curriculum vitae (CV).
Results of Job Search
Despite one’s job title, the competitive work structure has lead to many workers speculating their current jobs (Koonce, 1997). Since, this will be the last quarter towards attaining my masters in Healthcare administration and management, this assignment served to be very resourceful. The central focus was to attain more management related jobs but in healthcare field. Therefore, based on the job search, was able to find job positions in various healthcare organizations, such as research coordinator, clinical manager, clinical administrator, case manager, and quality coordinator. All these serve as great opportunities to further enhance my current carrier options, especially after attaining such a concrete and wide range of healthcare core studies through the masters program. Furthermore, was als...

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...nge than a concrete value (CSU, 2015). Lastly, make sure to be well-aware of some illegal questions that shall not be asked during any interview as everyone has the right to privacy and equality, so it is always good to know ones boundaries (CSU, 2015).
In order to survive in the current fast paces working environment, it is necessary that one shall find the motivation to reevaluate ones current job as well as career aspiration and goals (Koonce, 1997). Often times, working for the same position or department can make one stagnant and comfortable that one does not even try to expand ones horizon when it comes to jobs. Therefore, to face the current market driven society, one shall constantly focus on marketing oneself effectively (Koonce, 1997). This can be achieved by updating ones resume as well as social profiles such as LinkedIn on a regular basis.

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