Career Benefits Of Career Cruising Essay

Career Benefits Of Career Cruising Essay

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Career cruising is a website to give you ideas of what careers I would be interested in. It gives me the information about the career such as the job description, earnings, education needed and working conditions. The tools I chose to explore careers is a quiz I take. I chose six careers that are baker, animal caretaker, firefighter, zoologist, cook, and crime scene investigator.
The career as the animal caretaker looks after animal wherever they are housed, including in kennels, pet shops, and zoos. Caretakers generally earn between $8 to $15 an hour. For those who work full-time this works out to about $16,000 to $31,000 a year. Caretakers earn a median wage of about $9 an hour. This translates to a median income of around $20,000 a year. To work as an animal caretaker, you must usually have at least a high school diploma. Often, no other training or education is required to work in animal shelters or boarding kennels, most zoos, however need a degree in zoology, biology, veterinary technology, or another animal related subject. The working conditions for animal caretakers are employed by zoos, stables, aquariums, shelters, kennels, pet shops, wildlife parks, testing laboratories, and veterinary clinics. Since animals must be cared for every day, animal caretakers often have to work long, irregular hours, including weekends. Most work is shift work. Caretakers who work in animal laboratories may have to work night shifts. Those work with animals that are entered into competitions may be required to travel.
The career as a baker make cake, cookies, bread, pastries, and other baking goods. Baking is one of the world’s oldest trades. However, unlike their counterparts in ancient times, today’s bakers have a lot more tools and i...

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...quirement is generally an associate or bachelor 's degree in forensic science, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, crime science technology, or a related field. Some related forensics experience may also be required for example, experience analyzing evidence in a lab. Crime scene investigators work for police forces across the country. Most are employed by local government, while the rest work for state or federal police agencies.
My top career is a baker because i believe baking is so much fun. The steps I need to do for this career is look for a job in a small bakery and practice things that i don 't know. After I feel i have enough knowledge of baking i will look for a better place and train there, maybe the professional baker can supervise me and train me. After I get enough training I will own my own bakery business. Those would be my steps to my top career.

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