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The Career As A Lawyer Essay example

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We are told that when college is over we enter the real world. What does this mean? An aspect often associated with the “real world” is a career. Fast forward to graduation day and for four years or more you have been working on a degree. Let’s say that this degree is intended on being applied to the field of law. Now you need to figure out what you can do with it. Going in, you may or may not have had a substantial amount of knowledge about the literacy practices involved in being a lawyer. The readings, writings and ways that lawyers speak can differ from other professions. This is okay because you are able to analyze these practices now.
First off, it is important to discuss the role of gender to fully understand a future career as a lawyer. As a stereotypical male categorized job, there can be some differences for women in the same field. Although more women are continuing to enter this field, there can be more hurdles to jump through than men to be successful. Becoming an expert in the important and valued literacy practices is one way to avoid this inequality and even give you an edge. Examining the literacy practices involved with law can help to break down the gender barriers.
The word “precedent” is one that is highly associated with the law. It means that what has been previously decided is what will often carry on in the future. In applying this to trade articles, it is evident that lawyers value the information decided by others in the past to learn for their future. This valued information added is seen in the form of quotes. These trade articles usually do not use language that is highly specialized to law. It makes it easy for beginners to learn more and gives access for anyone to read the articles ...

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...ree earned after completing law school. In the United States it is typical for this further education to take around three years to complete.
Now if you add the two degrees together you end up with something like seven years of college, but you are still not done. A final step in practicing law, is passing The Bar Exam for the state you wish to practice in. This is formatted somewhat similarly across the nation, but the questions can vary from state to state due to the difference in laws from their state government.
“I see the outlook for women in law to be a positive and favorable one.” These are some of the last words I was left with after speaking with Mr. Abood about law as a whole. Although there seems to be no gender gap at his firm, there are many others where women are simply treated differently or nonexistent. Being informed is the way to get involved.

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