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Care Provisions Of Health And Social Care Essays

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Care Provisions In health and social care.
Care provisions in health and social care are essential to provide a right of care and right of participating in choosing care for yourself according to your personal care needs. Care provisions are structured in four part main categories: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Informal Care.
Primary Care: Primary care is services in which you would contact or use first when required help or assistance. Depending on your situation, there are various primary provisions that are specialised in the particular field to tend to your needs. An example of this would be your local GP (General practitioners) or Doctor that you are registered to with the NHS.
Secondary Care: Secondary care is generally referred to by the Primary health professional for further investigation and analysis that may be required or to a specialist in a certain area. This is commonly referred to as ‘Hospital care’ after being assessed by the primary care professional. Another example is a Therapist of any kind or counsellor of any kind.
Tertiary Care: In combination of both and Primary and secondary care provisions, they both can both refer you to tertiary care when further specialist care is required. An example of this would be special care units or residential care homes.
Informal Care: Informal care is the care provided by non-professionals which is usually through unpaid services. However some carers may be able to claim ‘Carers Allowance’ for further assistance. General informal cares includes care from: Family, friends or neighbours. Care can also be given or shown through no professional support groups, organisations or charities that offer mutual support and guidance for the individuals. ...

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... Mental health trust provide health and social care services for epopel with mental health problems. It can be catered through your GP, other primary care professionals and through specialists. The mental health trust include counselling, psychological therapies along with family and community support through group sessions and health screenings. The ambulance trust equip emergancy access to healthcare and the emergancy control room decides what kind of service is needed and whether and ambulance is required for attention. Although the NHS is responsible for providing emergancy service, the Ambulance trust also does too.
Overall, the national provisions in Health and Social care are run by governmnet funds and associations, whilst Local services in Health and Social care are run by local authorities, councils and sometimes under government provisions, like the NHS.

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