The Care For The Aging Generation Essay

The Care For The Aging Generation Essay

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The process of growing old, aging with dignity an important phase of life for people to enjoy their life as individual citizens. Still, they have the right, as individual to receive fair treatment, notwithstanding their mental condition. The combative individual also falls under the protection category even if they are not aware of their surrounding such as patients with dementia. Having to provide care for them, in the same way, one would care for a patient that is not combative. Understanding that justifying combative patients required treating with the highest respect and dignity as meticulously as others, that on the other hand is none combative and cooperates to the fullest of their abilities. Although the consensus is important to provide them with the appropriate housing and care for the aging generation. Generally, providing adequate care and staff is necessary and will happen often as “the baby boomers are getting older (Poo, 2015). Although it is tough to imagine that 10,000 people per day turn 65 years age, and how they remain cared for and treated will depend on the standard of care that is provided by our society, with new regulation and policies. However, they have the right to receive care in a safe environment free from all forms of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment from the individual that provide care in the growing elderly community.

The cost of home health aides, the intimate strangers who often make it possible for parents to remain in their homes, even when they need help or supervision day and night (Gross, 2008). There is an organization that makes it possible for aides to give around the clock care for elderly family members. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they deliver messages, ...

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... price tag, and it is all geared toward why measuring performance required. The action based on a point of view, all depends on what one considers s for in the organization they prefer to associate with and also the type of attraction the organization wants to project to the public.
According to statistics, Americans are living considerably longer than the previous generation. However, only a fraction of these years would be spent in good health. Since our goal is to help build healthy people one step at a time by preparing a durable diet regimen
of activities both physical and mental. Instituting a road map intended to maximize the quality of aging and to preserve the mature health in the future. By proving health needs assessments outreach and prevention education, and treatment. Mainly making it promising for the aging to stay at home as long as possible.

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