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Cardiovascular Disease in Adults Essay

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Cardiovascular heart (CVD) diseases in adults from rural area
(1) Current scenario of cardiovascular diseases in America
Cardiovascular heart diseases (CVD) are now becoming prominent cause of death in USA .
{Roger, 2011 #5}
In adults, Cardio vascular diseases are mainly two types "acute" and "chronic" cardiovascular disease. Acute cardiovascular diseases are mainly acute myocardial infarction and most common chronic cardiovascular diseases are hypertension, coronary artery diseases , COPD , cardiac myopathies et cetera. Acute cardiovascular disease are most fatal diseases while chronic heart disease are mostly degenerative. Statistical data report from American heart association shows that mortality due to cardiovascular disease are higher than other diseases. Mortality data for 2007 show that CVD accounted for 33.6% of all 2,243,712 deaths in 2007, or one of every 2.9 deaths in the United States. More than 2200 Americans die of CVD each day, an average of one death every 39 seconds. More than 150 000 Americans killed by CVD in 2007 were <65 years of age. In 2007, nearly 33% of deaths due to CVD occurred before the age of 75 years, which is well before the average life expectancy of 77.9 years {Roger, 2011 #5}.
Cardiovascular diseases in Rural area.
CVD is also highly prevalent in rural area of America. Following chart is give comparison of various disease between rural and urban area of USA .
{Carol Adaire Jones, 2009 #12}
A study conducted in 11 rural counties of Appalachian Ohio shows that there are high prevalence of CVD, strokes, obesity, and diabetes mellitus in these 11 counties in comparison to total Ohio and National 2004 BRFSS data {Schwartz, 2009 #7}. Mortality and morbidity due to CVD and ...

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...cation for prevention of CVD:
University of Minnesota conducted research for reduction of risk factors to prevent in CVD in communities. The results suggested that they did not generate enough awareness and health promotion in study communities. They had only modest success in their 13 year intense research program. . This type of prevention program have long -term effects in community if it will be execute well in target community with proper health awareness and health promotion activities.
• WISE WOMAN: well integrated screening and evaluation for women across the nation:
This program is created by CDC under heart disease and stroke prevention. This program mainly targets women age among 40 to 60 year. Women in this age group have higher chance of development of chronic disease. This program also target women with poor socioeconomic background.

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