Carbon Pollution and Ecological Imbalances Essay

Carbon Pollution and Ecological Imbalances Essay

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The world we live in has been suffering because people have embedded into natural habitats and caused imbalances in the ecological setup of the region. Companies have been utilizing highly pollutant substances and as the construction itself is a pollution hazard, the activities carried out in the firm don’t do much to conserve the purity of natural air. Companies have been encouraging to find ways to get rid of these pollutants, but nothing is happening in return. This has been the reason for the many conventions on carbon pollution. The problem has been declared as an international disaster by the United Nations’ Organization. Carbon is the major cause for this pollution. As its use becomes widespread, so does the damage on the environment. Here is how Carbon penetrates the atmospheric air and causes serious consequences to humans (Cols 9).
Carbon is a non-metallic compound. Its electronic configuration (2, 8, 4) makes it a neutral substance that is mostly unreactive. However, this is ironic, because carbon exists in all forms of matter. In fact, the organic substance is known to form very strong covalent bonds that make its compounds (carbon monoxide (CO)) very stable. The most common of Carbon compounds is the sugars, which include glucose, cellulose and starch. In most foods we consume, there is a large amount of the compound. One would wonder how the compound so common in our lives would become possibly lethal. Well, carbon takes up many other forms and these forms continue to fill the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the state of the atmosphere we are surrounded by has always been in danger. However, today’s the problem is on a much deeper level than it had been already encountering for so long.
Carbon IV Oxide is the main cause o...

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