Essay on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( Cfrp )

Essay on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( Cfrp )

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Carbon-fiber-reinforced-polymer (CFRP) is a composite polymer made up of carbon fibers and a binding polymer. The binding polymer can be a thermoset resin or thermoplastic polymer(s). Examples of thermoplastic polymers that can bind with carbon fiber to make CFRP are polyester, nylon, or vinyl ester. A thermoset resin that can combine with the carbon fiber to make CFRP is epoxy. The combination of the carbon fibers and a thermoset resin or thermoplastic polymer producing CFRP results in a light weight fiber-reinforced plastic that is tremendously strong. Depending on the binding polymer, CFPRs have a wide range of applications and are used when a light weight material with high rigidity and strength are required.
Carbon fibers were discovered in the late 1800s by Thomas Edison. The early lightbulbs Edison created used the carbon fibers as filaments. These carbon fibers used to create the early lightbulbs had a substantial tolerance to heat, but they lacked the tensile strength of modern carbon fibers. Edison used cellulose-based materials, such as cotton or bamboo, to make his carbon fibers. He used a method called “pyrolysis” to cook the bamboo at high temperatures in a controlled atmosphere to carbonize bamboo filaments, making them fire-resistant and capable of enduring intense heat needed for luminescence.
The most important component of a CFRP is the polymer it is combined with. A significant reduction in strength can occur when the CFRP is exposed to a temperature higher than the glass transition temperature of the resin. The fibers can withstand the load partially until the threshold temperature of the material is reached. Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is the CFRP can burn at high temperatures....

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...rther helped make the bicycle frames more aerodynamic and stiffer. CFRPs are also used in tennis racquets, hockey sticks, and surfboards. CFRP is the best material of choice for these sporting goods because the lighter these things are, the more efficient the competitor will be without sacrificing the stiffness. With the CFRP materials integration creating lighter and stiffer items, high rates of cracking and equipment failure do occur.
Carbon fiber reinforced polymers have a high strength quality and are low weight material. The application and development of CFRPs is still ongoing to try to increase the structural properties of the material and produce it economically. CFRPs have changed significantly since they were first discover in 1870 and become a staple material in the engineering of aerospace, automotive, civil, and sporting goods products and structures.

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