Carbohydrates as Macronutrients in Relation to Protein and Fat for Body Weight Control

Carbohydrates as Macronutrients in Relation to Protein and Fat for Body Weight Control

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Astrup A. 2006. Carbohydrates as macronutrients in relation to protein and fat for body weight control. International Journal of Obesity [Internet]. Cited 2013 September 20. Available from:

• Women's Health Initiative dietary trial concluded that those who participated in a fat reduction diet, which is decreasing dietary fat by 37-27% of total calories, lost 3-5 kg of weight and kept a lower body weight in the span of 9 years compared to individuals participating in a normal fat diet
• Driving force behind the diet is providing greater amounts of food for less calories, which allows the individual to feel full without consuming excess calories.
• Glucose in solid food provides the same amount of satiation as starch, however sugar in drinks seems to insignificantly inhibit more food intake.
• Proven that a gram of carbohydrate holds not more than half the energy of 1 gram of fat, thus notably less calories are taken in in a meal high in carbohydrates than a meal high in fats.
• Study in European multi-centre trial Carmen demonstrated that the low-fat diet high in complex carbohydrates resulted in an average reduction of body weight of 2.4 kg, compared to a 1.6 kg body weight reduction for those on a simple carbohydrate diet.

How does this article relate to your topic or influence the design of your experiment?
In this experiment, it is evident that individuals consume fewer calories in a meal high in carbohydrates than a meal high in fat, resulting in a greater weight loss for people participating in a carbohydrate rich meal. Since hamsters are very similar to humans in terms of our genetic make-up, feeding the hamsters a diet rich in saturated fat should result i...

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...n the Low group

According to this experiment, the hamsters that consumed medium LDL cholesterol concentrations in either cocoa butter or coconut oil gained a substantial amount of weight compared to those in the Low group. Since coconut oils contain an extremely high percentage of saturated fats, which led to weight gain in these hamsters, we can assume that the hamsters we will be feeding a diet high in saturated fat will also experience rapid weight gain. Additionally, the hamsters in the experiment had built up inflammatory cytokines in their arterial walls, due to their high consumption of saturated fats. Thus, our hamsters participating in the high saturated fat diet should be less healthy and active compared to the hamsters that will be participating in the diet high in carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, because of their increased cholesterol accumulation.

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