Car Technology of European and American Cars Essay

Car Technology of European and American Cars Essay

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The world of technology is ever changing and advancing. With the automotive industry in play technology is constantly surpassing what is available today with what can be done for tomorrow. Technology and the automotive industry go hand in hand with constant improvement to components of cars. Due to technology advancement there is competition within the car industry, especially between American car companies and European car companies. European car companies provide their buyers with innovative variety and revolutionary luxuries. European car technology is superior to American car technology due to their safety, entertainment, and luxury features.
Technologies in European cars provide safety features which surpass these in American cars. Technologies like these make European cars more attractive to car buyers. One such feature includes night vision capabilities. Night vision eliminates crashing into unseen things such as pedestrians and animals, when vision is decreased at night. “Before the advent of night vision-equipped cars, spotting wayward pylons and debris was the task of an eagle-eyed front passenger. Now, thanks to advances in thermal imaging and infrared radiation, your car may be able to spot trouble in the way before you even detect it” ( The importance of safety within cars is a growing desire among all car buyers, which is why the creation of night vision capability is an important feature to European cars.
Imagine that your car could detect hazardous roads before you could sense it? A feature that provides this type of protective driving exists within European cars. This valuable safety feature that is offered in European cars i...

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