Captain John Paul Jones a Leader During the Revolutionary War Essay

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Captain John Paul Jones was an officer in the Continental Navy during the Revolutionary War. Despite difficulties with inexperienced sailors, other captains, and his superiors he was successful in many battles and in contributing to traditions still held in the United States Navy. Most importantly, Captain Jones through his leadership, courage, and persistence, from 1775 to 1789, became the father of the American Navy and contributed to the independence movement known as the American Revolution.
John Paul Jones was born John Paul on 6 July 1747 in Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. In 1761, at the age of thirteen, he took a seven year apprenticeship position in Whitehaven onboard the Friendship, in which he learned seamenship and navigation. After making eight trips on the Friendship, Younger, the owner, had gone bankrupt and released John from the rest of his apprenticeship. Over the next four years John held positions on the slave ships King George, as third mate, and on the Two Friends, as chief mate. After making two trips, in 1768, he left the Two Friends in Kingston, Jamaica and accepted a ride back to Scotland on the brig John. However, during the voyage the captain and the first mate died and by consent of the crew, being the only one that knew how to navigate, John Paul took command safely sailing back to Kirkcudbright. The owners of the John were grateful for his actions and offered John Paul the position of captain on the John; after two years he took command of the Betsey. By the time of his death in on 18 July 1972, due to his leadership, courage, and persistence, he had achieved numerous titles from more than one country: Commodore (unofficial), Chevalier, and Admiral (France). In 1773, after inadvertent...

... middle of paper ... to return all the silver to her and on 4 August 1785 Lord Selkirk acknowledged the return of the silver.

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