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Capitol Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty also known as capitol punishment is a very widely discussed argument. The term capitol is derived from the Latin word capitalis “of the head” referring to execution by beheading. The death penalty to many people could be considered unconstitutional under the eighth and the fourteenth amendment 's. The majority of people fear nothing more than death itself because death is life’s finally. Execution dates being carried out promptly with assigned dates after a fair trial would discourage almost anyone from committing future crimes that are worthy of execution. It is apparent that we as a society are based on the need for retribution and vengeance. Making a wrongdoer pay the price equivalent to the price the wrongdoer did. As a result of sparsely carrying out executions it has prolonged the mental and emotional suffering of the victim 's family and friends. It has cost taxpayers millions of dollars per year, more than the general population to house a death row inmate. Thus allowing death row inmates to sit on death row for 25 plus years is a luxury most don 't deserve. However with less than 10% of all inmates being exonerated in the past 200 years of death penalties it is unclear why executions are not more readily carried out. Considering the fact of the huge technological advances that we have made with DNA testing there is very little mistakes being made. The only mistake that could be made is if a chimera commited a crime. If only the world was like Minority Report and we could tell who and when a crime was going to be committed.

“Currently, the total number of inmates that have been executed in the US is 1,434. While the total number of inmates currently on death row is 2,943, 55 of which are female inmates.”...

... middle of paper ...

...“no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law”. Each death row inmate has spent more than 100 hours in a courtroom in their first initial case and all appeals after the verdict has been given. The state in question may deny any person their life after going through the Judicial process. The judicial process is the entire court process as well as the appeals so saying your depriving them of that is farthest from the truth. The death penalty is a punishment that is fair and just to the person that it is delivered to.

Indeed, while the death penalty could be considered unconstitutional under the eighth and fourteenth amendments , People fear nothing more than death itself. Execution dates being carried out promptly on assigned dates would discourage most anyone from committing future crimes worthy of the death penalty.

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