The Capitalist System in Business Essay

The Capitalist System in Business Essay

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Marx and Engels have a great deal of writing in the Wage-labour and Capital dedicated to the struggle between capital and labour that drives the inevitable internationalization of the capitalist system. Marx had foreseen the errors and flaws of capitalism itself. In his writing, he highlights these flaws of capitalism’s self-contradictory characteristics that, “capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction“
During the time of their writing in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, capitalism was still what it was they had conceptualized it to be at the time. They has seen how the European discovery of America, and even more so with the industrial revolution of Britain and other capitalist countries, has portrayed the characteristic of inevitable expansion of the capitalist system. They had recognized these patterns that were driven by the competitive nature capitalism, and seen the eventual internationalization of capitalism.
The incident at Rana Plaza was, in part, the result of the deteriorated political and economic state of Bangladesh itself. However, Marx and Engels positions on global capitalism and the struggle between capital and labour can be used analyse the characteristics of the incident and gain merit from classic theory of contemporary issues.
In North America, jobs have become scarce and unemployment skyrocketing, as the domestic factories and producers of goods are being outsourced to undeveloped and developing nations. The capitalist relation between capital and labour is the cause of this movement that is seen of local jobs being given to workers who will work for lower wages.
Marx and Engels piece of the Wage-Labour and Capital explains the capitalist system as they have seen it back in 1849. However, t...

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...ontinues to drive global capitalism, as capitalist continue to expand and accumulate more capital. However, the cost cuts to the clothes we wear come at a high price for garment workers of Bangladesh. The exploitation the vulnerable workers from a country plagued with structural problems and the unsatisfied global expansion of capitalists’, results in the catastrophes like Rana Plaza. The globalization of the capitalist system was written about by Marx and Engels. The flaws in the capitalist systems that would bring its eventual downfall seem to be true at post Rana Plaza. The resentment of those who profit from their suffering; the government, the factory owners and the western retail chains, have brought on riots and demands of compensation. However, until the system is overturned as a whole, the dire work conditions of the Bangladesh garment worker will remain.

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