Capitalism : The New Form Of Idolatry Essay

Capitalism : The New Form Of Idolatry Essay

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Catholic Pope Francis made several statements regarding capitalism in an article written by Ibctimes. The Pope referred to capitalism as the new form of idolatry. He made a powerful statement saying money should serve humanity, not lead. Some American citizen are not aware of what capitalism is. Capitalism is the system that allows individual private owners to make a profit from providing goods and services. These private owners are able to choose what they want to sell as well as set their own prices that are accepted by consumers. The private owners are allowed to sail to whomever they choose with little or no interference from the government. Capitalism have been brought under scrutiny by some nations, including the United States. In America, it has been revealed that capitalism is hurting our society by being the pinnacle of inequality. Others think that this social economic system has sparked the idea for new innovative technology and items that contribute positively to the economy.

Jed and Rachel Nunno, reporaters for, wrote an article about the 10 benefits of living in a capitalist country. The reason that the top of their list is happiness. The reporters continue on my informing the reader’s how nations are happy when they have the option to choose what they want. A free market can provide many options for a nation. The second benefit is viable alternative. Being able to choose has been very beneficial in many nations. The third reason is growth because capitalism contributes to economic growth. The fourth the reason is democracy because every vote counts and every voice is heard. The reporters noted that the fifth reason was freedom. Living in a land of the free has allowed me capitalist nations the opportu...

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... is because it’s a system of minority privileges and class rules. The last couple of reasons to hate capitalism is documented that it encourages greed and have personality disorders.

I think that there are positive and negative aspects of capitalism. Depending upon the nation that you live in, supply and demand can vary on different levels. Because one nation may need more than another, capitalism can act as a liaison until the next level of the positive or negative affect. In the United States, capitalism has provided me the opportunity for many different people. If capitalism did not exist, we would still have to call an operator and have her connect us to the person we intend to speak with. On the other hand, even though capitalism has granted us with the opportunity to create high standing jobs and better education there are some who are limited acquiring those.

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