Essay about Capitalism Is An Economic And Political System

Essay about Capitalism Is An Economic And Political System

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Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners instead of the state. It is a system of relationships that allows anybody to have an economic opportunity. Due to a lack of government intervention, people have economic freedom, and in turn that helps political freedom. People can produce anything they want and sell at any price that they desire. This promotes efficiency and allows people to be able to produce goods that are high in demand, resulting in less waste. Business firms and individuals will be innovative to create economic expansion, resulting in better living conditions and standards, as well as increased wealth. Economic expansion and increased wealth benefits not only the business firm, but the overall society will benefit as well. A variety of choices are provided for people to choose from; therefore, rarely are people limited to a single product to rely on in a capitalist market. At a first, it make seem like businesses are working for their own selfish purposes, but really, every job has a benefit for somebody else, whether it be a job opportunity or production of goods that people cannot live without. Capitalism is a morally defensible economic system because it overall benefits society and its people.
Capitalism opens doors for many people to provide for not only themselves, but for everybody as well. Food choice is a critical factor in having a healthy society; there are low fat food choices, as well as organic products that people can choose from that would not be possible if there was no capitalism and only one choice of food. The people creating these various food products are working to mass produce in order to have business, but they are...

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...use they were paid so little, and were trapped in the slave owner’s system since they were uneducated. Although this was morally unjust, this was the way plantation owners could make more profit. This is morally defensible because the production of the cash crops depended on the slaves, and without using the slave system, the plantation owners would not have profited as much as they did.
Capitalism promotes acquisition of material goods, and worships economic wealth. Because people are able to own private property and produce their own goods, they can produce select products to meet the needs of other people. There are methods that are not morally just, but those methods still produce more good than bad. With capitalism, more choices are available than before, and since the positive results outweigh the bad results, capitalism is a morally defensible economic system.

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