Capitalism And Socialism : A Capitalist Economy Essays

Capitalism And Socialism : A Capitalist Economy Essays

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All for one or one for all? That is the question that’s really being asked when comparing capitalism and socialism. In a capitalist economy, such as America, the money earned by an individual is for said individual and belongs to them. However, in a socialist economy, such as Italy, the money earned by a person is for the country and is redistributed among the people equally. One major difference is the role that the government plays in each economy. Capitalism and Socialism are practically opposites and the way their governments work are pretty much opposite of each other as well. A capitalist government is only supposed to assist where needed and allows the people free enterprise. A socialist government is reversed; the government provides for the people, like paying for insurance and hospital visits, but takes away the opportunity of personal financial gain.

Both Capitalism and Socialism want the same thing but have different ideas on how to obtain it. That thing is a strong and prosperous country filled with happy and hard-working people. Although the goal is the same the approach is different just like how different people come up with their own ideas on how to solve the same problem. One man’s idea may be to start from the top and work his way down the list, whereas another man might start from the bottom and work his way to the top.
Capitalism. The idea of capitalism is that prosperous individuals means a prosperous economy and there for a prosperous country. Capitalism exercises the individual rights and freedoms which Americans love so much. These are the fundamentals America is made of and from these freedoms free enterprise was born. Free enterprise is the basis of capitalism and it is what allo...

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...edom although some arent lucky enough to expierience it. Those that do however should not be so niave as to consider electicting a socialist just beause one of the other candidates isnt afraid to anger people. The fact a socialist was nearly elected would have our founding fathers and probably your grandfather rolling in the grave. Americans should be ashamed for being so willfully clueless, some people don 't even know the difference between socialism and capitalism and some even have it completely backwards. Socialism is not what America is about America is about the opportunity to pursue happiness not sell your soul to the state.
In closing it cab be said that socialism is a complete failure and an embarrassment to mankind as a whole. Capitalism is the best best economic system that has been tested. History proves that capitalism is better and the future will too.

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