Capitalism And Its Exploitation Of The Labor Force Essay

Capitalism And Its Exploitation Of The Labor Force Essay

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To accurately comprehend Marx’s concepts, it is important to understand the idea of capitalism, an economic system that emerged in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Hence, in a short summary, Capitalism is the political economy system that is controlled by private individuals and institutions instead of the government. It primarily focuses on private ownership on the means of production. The problem Marx has with Capitalism, is its exploitation of the labor force. Most important to Marx is the issue surrounding human nature and alienation of the worker. Capitalism is talked and criticized quite a bit by philosopher Karl Marx. Very critical of the system, Marx seeks to overthrow the system,and believes, that the vast and powerful apparatus system of capitalism should be controlled and applied to a new politico-economic system. A perfected system, in which wealth is utilized to benefit everyone, the poor and rich. Capitalism is an establishment that Marx labels “self defeating” and outwardly professes a major aversion to. From a Marxist perspective, capitalism is or...

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