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A cancer cell known today is a destructive living organism that duplicates itself by feeding off the energy of a corpse. Similarly, a country that promotes capitalism enables businesses to gain wealth at the expense of the consumer’s wealth. Ultimately this becomes a question of morality as these corporations reap the money from hardworking citizens for the purpose of greed and exploitation of the free market economy. In the film, Capitalism: A love story, the film makers use conventions and point of view to show that capitalism in America is an evil that is better replaced by democracy. Michael Moore warns everyone that promoting capitalism will destroy the economy because of the financial sacrifices made by citizens for free enterprise whereas democracy will redeem it by allowing everyone to live the luxuries of a middle class life.
The film maker successfully uses interviews and archival footage to make the audience realize that allowing companies to practice private enterprise is a sin. He also creates a feeling of satisfaction towards democracy through archival footage to make it look like a more suitable political system for everyone. For example, when the bishop and priests are interviewed they say that capitalism is not promoted by Christianity and believe that it is wrong because of its failure to provide for everyone and it goes against the Christian way. After this he shows an animated clip of Jesus demonstrating capitalism where Jesus does not help an injured man unless he pays “out of pocket”. Later, a business that runs under a democratic system is shown as successful and is an environment where everyone is counted and no one is left out (Michael Moore, et al). The bishop’s and priests’ negative opinion towards ...

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...who are getting rich by confiscating the money of the lower class and the possibility to recover from it through democracy.
In conclusion, in the documentary Capitalism: A Love Story the producers suggest that the profit motive should be replaced by democracy through the use of a first person narration, recorded discussions, and footages. The message being sent is to subvert the current system because of its harmful effects to society and to adjust it into a productive foundation where everyone makes an equal effort for the common good. Allowing a business private ownership is like taking out security cameras from stores and banks. Bank robbers will be enabled to steal all the money leaving the banks in despair until, society agrees to do something about it.

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