Capital Punishment: The Easy Way Out Essay

Capital Punishment: The Easy Way Out Essay

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At 12:17 A.M. on June 18th, Ronnie Lee Gardner was pronounced dead as a result of a number of strategically placed bullets lodged into his body. As Gardner took his last breaths of life, his murderer was far removed from the crime, relaxing knowing he would never be convicted for the murder he just committed. Ronnie Lee Gardner may or may not have deserved this death, as he also was a convicted murderer, killing two with the pull of a trigger; however, this does not reserve the right for the United States government to allow him to die by firing squad. Simply, capital punishment is a barbaric, illogical way of dealing with criminals, and should be discontinued.
Many people support the idea of capital punishment for a number of reasons. First, people insist that some crimes are too drastic to ever forgive, and that life behind bars simply does not do enough justice. Secondly, others cry out that keeping a prisoner behind bars for life is costly, and killing them for the crimes they have committed will save the government and taxpayers money. Finally, some people simply believe that the individual on death row has the right to request death by capital punishment, instead of rotting behind prison bars. Although these three common ideas vary from person to person, the general consensus is that those in support of capital punishment do not view the negative aspects of the horrendous act. Further, they do not realize the actuality of capital punishment, and hold a few common misconceptions that are detrimental to an unbiased viewpoint on the subject.
Being convicted of a crime sometimes results from an every day act such as vandalizing a vacant parking lot, other times it can be stealing candy from a convenient store, yet ra...

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...why Mr. Gardner is to die, but how. To fix this problem, there is one simple step to be made: abolish the legality of the death penalty, and institute life in prison –with enhanced security and decreased comforts- as the real death penalty.
We have witnessed decades and decades of barbaric acts being committed inside of prisons. Electrical chairs, lethal injections, and firing squads have been the ultimate executioner in the modern day hangings, stonings, and burnings of our prisoners. The time has come to erase the unforgivable acts our government has thus far permitted to occur. Death by capital punishment is neither cheaper, safer, or more painful to prisoners. Life in prison is the ultimate executioner. Let the murderers and rapists of our cities rot in orange jumpsuits, and let them consider every night the real torture of dying in a tiny prison cell.

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